Sukhadhara is a young, new company which promotes both economic and social development.

We have noticed that the companies who so often rule their industries aim to make the few (most notably themselves) richer and richer; and that they measure their success by their bank balances.

For us, authentic economic wealth is only achieved through business which creates positive social impact. We believe companies should measure their importance by the degree to which their business improves the lives of those who work there, of those who consume their products and of those who are engaged in its initiatives.

At Sukhadhara, we are committed to doing our bit for the world, proposing a business model in line with to these ideas. The way we fulfil these goals is by encouraging people towards a natural lifestyle. With our first brand Dhyvana, we aim to break the insanely unrealistic and often unhealthy beauty standards of our modern society. If you would like to learn more about our values, please visit our web site Dhyvana.

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